Carpet Calculator

Getting a rough estimate of how much carpet you need is really quite simple. Just measure the length and width of your room in feet. Our carpet calculator will add ten percent to your total to account for closets and room irregularities. It's always a good idea to buy extra carpet to allow for cutting, seaming and pattern repeats.

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This carpet calculator takes into consideration that rooms are more or less than 12 foot in length and width. (the standard roll size) so it adds ten percent to your totals which will help to account for closet measurements and for short irregularities. You can expect there will be some waste and allowance required for cutting and seaming etc.

This is only a very loose estimate - for example if your room is 10 x 10 (which is equal to 100 sqft). You will actually have to purchase a 10 x 12 piece of carpet because the rolls of carpet usually come in 12 feet so you will be purchasing 120 sqft.

This carpet calculator rounds your estimate up only to the nearest whole number but please have a free in-home estimate ON US to determine the exact amount of carpet you do need before you purchase.