The soft wavy or curly usually thick undercoat of various hairy mammals and especially the sheep made up of a matrix of keratin fibers and covered with minute scales.


The elastic tough outer tissue of the cork oak that is used especially for stoppers and insulation.


Of or relating to the manufacture of any product (as earthenware, porcelain, or brick) made essentially from a nonmetallic mineral (as clay) by firing at a high temperature; also : of or relating to such a product.


A very hard natural igneous rock formation of visibly crystalline texture formed essentially of quartz and orthoclase or microcline and used especially for building and for monuments.


The wood of an angiospermous tree as distinguished from that of a coniferous tree.


To roll or compress into a thin plate.


A polymer of a vinyl compound or a product (as a resin or a textile fiber) made from such a polymer.


Furniture is the mass noun for the movable objects intended to support various human activities such as seating and sleeping.