The blonde-colored laminate floor and contemporary furnishings provide a comfortable space away from the bustling city outside the loft window. A wood-look laminate floor, combined with jewel-tone colors and a minimalistic decorating style, create a satisfying urban oasis.
The classic black-and-white color palette gets a modern treatment in this updated country kitchen. The wide plank, wood-look laminate floor has been installed length-wise to make the room look even larger. Finishing touches include the wood-topped kitchen table and stainless steel appliances.
The sophisticated linens and modern furniture in this bedroom create a formal, upscale setting. This dark gray wood-look laminate floor offers an eye-catching contrast to the umber-and-cream color palette.
Is this foyer flooring ceramic tile or stone? Neither - it’s laminate! This laminate floor closely resembling black slate gives this foyer a stylish, elegant appeal. The hall table with a colorful tile top continues the stone theme in this setting
A high-gloss wood-look laminate floor creates a sense of elegance and style. A glossy floor works with all of the décor details of this upscale space, including the rich wood tapestry behind the bar and the contemporary lines of the furniture.
The vibrant laminate flooring in this contemporary kitchen has a rich stain and active graining to resemble acacia, an exotic hardwood. Since the flooring draws the eye, the rest of the furnishings are kept simple and uncluttered. Combining different wood looks along with stainless steel appliances is a common theme in today’s modern kitchens.